Pisco Sour à la Suisse

Patty & Andres Boner

  • 300 ml Peruvian pisco — (For pisco sours, Patty prefers to use Pisco Quebranta (distilled from Quebranta grapes).
  • 100 ml white sugar – rather than simple syrup
  • 100 ml lime juice freshly squeezed.  If you like it tangy, add a bit more of lime juice  — Be careful not to squeeze the limes too hard to avoid the bitterness of the peel.
  • 500 ml ice cubes
  • 1 egg white
  • Angostura bitters – Not cinnamon, please!

How many servings you get depends on the size of your glasses!

Blend pisco, lime juice, and sugar until the sugar has dissolved completely.  Add ice and egg white, blending at high speed until frothy.  Pour into glasses, distributing the mix evenly.  Top each glass with a drop of bitters and serve immediately. 

(According to Patty, carefully washing the eggshells will prevent any bacterial contamination to the eggs, thereby reducing or eliminating the risk of eating raw eggwhites.  I have yet to do my own research into this issue, but would love any feedback.)